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Renting a small plane to your next destination allows you to not only arrive in style but also to add in some services that will compliment the occasion, hiring a private chef and use of an entire cabin just to name a few. VelocityJets has established itself over the years as a private charter and management company. They have a broad variety of aircraft that can ferry you to any destination on the planet.

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Private Charter

Think about all the things on a commercial flight. And then turn that on its head. That’s what is probably the easiest definition of a private charter. No more last-minute dash through check-in and airport security. No more waiting in line. No more rowdy and unscrupulous figures breathing down next to you. All the offer and comfort of airport travel awaits you with a private charter.

A private charter is the renting of an entire aircraft by an individual or corporation, to virtually any destination in the world. Once your itinerary is sorted out, the charter company plans it out and clears the flight plan for the intended destination. Since you are the only customer, the flight plan is far more private and not the typical routing offered by commercial airlines.

Aircraft Management

As the term implies, aircraft management refers to the planning, organizing, and controlling an aircraft’s operations and maintenance. For such a technical machine, aircraft management should be offered by a reputable and trusted aircraft management company. Velocity Jets experience in handling private charter jets and its employ of technically gifted servicemen make them the perfect option when looking for an aircraft management company.

There are generally two forms of aircraft management services: Charter aircraft management services & Turnkey aircraft management

Charter aircraft management services

In this aircraft management service, the management company works closely with the client, offering charter services while the client is in charge of operations of the aircraft. You could consider it more of a partnership. The client is capable of generating potential revenue through this; during the unused time of his or her airplane, the aircraft is chartered to other clients.

Of course, your aircraft must be able to meet private charter regulations and also obtain a charter certificate from the relevant authorities.

Turnkey aircraft management

Turnkey aircraft management refers to the total management of the client’s aircraft. The management company has all operational and management responsibilities, maintaining and scheduling all the day-to-day operations. Some of the services involved in a turnkey aircraft management service include crew management, offering security for potential clients, registering and maintaining FAA compliance certificates among others.

By use of a turnkey management service, the client has the opportunity of generating serious revenue through the charter of the aircraft. The management company organizes and accounts bookings, detailing income and costs streaming in and out, respectively.


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