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With the advancement of technology and the growth of social media platforms, users want to consume more content within the shortest time possible. The core of Instagram’s popularity is the visuals, and the big question is how to keep your followers engaged in your imagery content.

Here are the best Instagram practices to ensure your followers love and enjoy your content.

Share an experience

Instagram’s users spend significant hours going through Instagram feeds and exploring visual content. Most of them are usually looking for compelling and interesting experiences that excite them. Sharing experiences is an effective way to engage followers since they probably relate to them. It is good to post experiences that align with your brand identity. If your niche is traveling, you can share posts of your adventures and places you have visited, hikes, and road trips. It is smart to fuse content and experiences that users will find thrilling.

Understand your audience

However, you may appeal to your audience with pleasure and inspiration, you cannot please everyone. Focus on creating a core community that is interested in what you have to offer, so you can explore your audience. Understand what your followers want and give it to them, and tailor your identity to fit in. Also, you should remember to stay consistent and maintain your brand image.

Post creative content

Having a unique way of sharing posts that appeal to your audience is very important. Users appreciate and enjoy fresh content and a merry laugh. Sometimes creating unique content can be tough. However, you can engage your followers to share fresh content using your brand hashtag to take some weight off your shoulders. Ask your audience to tag their friends to expose you to a larger public and drive traffic to your brand profile.

Appeal to emotion

Sharing images with an emotional appeal is a very effective way to engage your followers and boost your social relevance. If you are promoting a clothing brand, you can tell your followers that for each cloth bought, some amount will be donated to charity for a grand purpose. It would have an amazing effect as it shows your users that you are more than just a business. Users feel inspired when they know they take part in a grand course.

Tell a story

Storytelling is the most efficient way to get content to the world in a memorable manner. Share your content with a narrative that will have your followers interested and will engage, not just shoving products in their faces. Framing a narrative around your visual content can inspire and be emotional and invigorating to your followers.

Stay relevant

Users are always looking for relevant content that they can relate to and can share with friends and family. If your content is relevant, the more likely it is to be shared. Shares subsequently lead to gaining new followers. Create an events calendar and give your content some life. Engage your followers on annual holidays and fun events to show them what your brand stands for. Besides, be aware of the news and stay up to date to get more followers on Instagram.

Play the game

Challenge your followers and offer incentives to capture their attention and increase your content engagement. Challenges captivate your followers to participate and get other users to take part, too. Post an exciting image relevant to your brand and get your followers to participate in a ‘caption contest’.

Set deadlines to encourage your followers to take part, and promise to post the names of winners. The idea of being recognized for their participation is surprisingly effective. To build trust, ensure that the prize is of real value.

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