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Almost all people who get sick with Covid-19 ask themselves the same question, “Where could I have gotten infected? At the market, at the mall, at church, at the office, or maybe on the way to work?” Epidemiologists are also looking for the answer. After all, by discovering where people are most likely to be infected with the coronavirus, you can slow the pace of the disease. One family member brings the virus home, and then everyone living with him under the same roof can catch it. But where does that person become infected? “Where all the anti-epidemic norms are not observed,” explain epidemiologists.

Store workers suffer the most

Food store workers, especially those who are in constant contact with customers, are the most likely to be infected with the coronavirus. And if you buy FlowFlex Covid test, you can detect the disease as quickly as possible. Curiously, U.S. researchers swabbed 104 workers at stores in one city for coronavirus. Twenty percent of them tested positive, which was five times more likely to test positive among workers in other professions in the same community. Notably, 91% of all respondents said they wore a mask at work all the time, but only 66% of respondents admitted to keeping a social distance.

Doctors are also on the front lines

As time has shown, doctors working on the front lines of the coronavirus infection unfortunately very often fall victim to it themselves. They point out that FlowFlex is the best budget Covid self-test because it helps to quickly find out if there is a Covid-19 infection. Already we can say that coronavirus has become an occupational disease in healthcare workers.

Public transportation and educational institutions

Also, according to a number of studies, public transportation remains in the top three places where Covid-19 is most often spread. However, a significant percentage of people become infected by contact with a sick family member with whom they live under the same roof or roommate. No doubt, educational institutions also play a role. But one cannot say, for example, that cafes or restaurants are safer than offices. Still, the slightest risk of infection is where all the anti-epidemic norms are observed.

How to take care of a family member

If there is a sick person in the house, the best solution is, of course, to isolate the sick person. The best thing to do is to move to another apartment. If this is not possible, it is necessary to eliminate all contact completely. The sick person should have their own dishes and towels. Even at home, you should wear a mask (both for the sick person and healthy family members). It is desirable that the sick person sleeps in a separate bed. As often as possible, ventilate rooms, do wet cleaning, and wash your hands.

It should be understood that anything the sick person has come into contact with is a factor in transmission. Therefore, you should be careful with things like clothing, bedding, and towels. But do not forget that a sick person also needs attention and support. So do not hide from him – just keep a safe distance (more than 1.5 m) and wear a mask.

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