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Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms today. People are using the medium for a number of reasons. Some are just using it for personal use, exploring other famous profiles, and learning from influences whilst engaging in purchases from businesses. Others are exhibiting their talents and showcasing any form of art that they excel in. Another majority of users are from the businesses that are aimed at creating Instagram profiles which help gather maximum audiences so that increased sales and positive word-of-mouth may be generated. Instagram comes up with new features every now and then in order to increase the interest of its users. One of these is the Instagram poll questions feature. An Instagram poll is for those people or businesses who want to find out the point of view of their followers about any topic that concerns them. By asking personalized questions, you are able to build a strong relationship with your followers as you can take their advice on various topics. It is imperative to build trust and respect between yourself and your followers and Instagram polls are a great way to ensure just that!

How to Create Poll Questions

Creating Instagram poll questions is easy. You can do that by initiating to start a story. Almost everyone knows how to initiate a story.
However, in this step-by-step guide we will navigate you through the entire process of making Instagram poll questions:

  1. On the top left side of your Instagram screen, you can see a camera icon. Tap on that.
  2. Your story interface opens. Now you can either take a photo of anything or you can add a photo from your gallery as the background.
  3. Swipe up and a large list pops up. As you go down that list, you will be able to see POLL written somewhere in the top few lines.
  4. A Yes/No selection will open up. Now you can change the Yes/No to other answers of your preference.
  5. You can even change or rename the poll with the question that you’re aiming at your audience.
  6. Confirm the poll and you’re done!

Your Instagram poll is now ready. This poll will not only help maintain a positive and healthy relationship with your followers but it will also ensure that you are carrying out efficient marketing practices because you are involving your consumer in the decisions that you are making. This will bring about a plethora of benefits in the long run.

You can share your poll with your followers and people not following you will also be able to answer the poll. More engagement for you! It is imperative that you constantly check the poll results to ensure that maximum people are engaging and you can also gain insights into your audience’s thinking processes.

Instagram polls are thus extremely effective tools to ensure that your audience is interested in your content and is constantly engaging with what you post.

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