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When you mention Asia as a tourist-target destination, most of the options that come to mind are Hong Kong or Tokyo, Japan. But that’s not the goal of this article. We are here to introduce an equally intriguing but less fairly known option. From our experience, Macau deserves to be one of the stops on your tour of Asia.

Here is a list of reasons why that should be the case.


Asia is known for its rich history. Researchers, historians, and tourists can testify of the rich cultural heritage that is waiting to be explored. Macau is a city that bears similar characteristics. For those who didn’t know, Macau was one of the last colonies in Asia. The Chinese city was under Portuguese control for over 400 years from 1557. It was only reverted to the Chinese government in 1999.

It is beautiful to see how the two cultures have merged together in Macau. The architecture is a unique mix that you will find nowhere else. The same can be said of the language and food.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

As mentioned above, the merger of Chinese and Portuguese cultures is something unique that you would find nowhere else in the world. Recognizing this, UNESCO marked several locations in Macau as World Heritage Sites. One of the options that we highly recommend that you visit is Guia Fortress and Lighthouse.

A big thrill

If you consider yourself a sucker for adrenaline attractions, then you should make your way to Macau. The destination has the highest commercial bungee jump platform. This is situated at the pinnacle of the Macau Tower, some 230 meters above the ground. If you consider yourself a more conservative person but would still want to enjoy the thrill, you can choose the SkyJump and Skywalk options.

For the ballers

In the latest records, Macau is ranked as one of the top ten territories in the world with a per capita GDP that is almost $100,000. Much of this income is related to its booming gambling industry. The casino industry generates a significant amount of revenue for the Macau government.

Macau is known to be the gambling haven for Asia. The experience that gambling lovers attest is unmatched and unparalleled. Thinking of sampling the gambling experience? All you need is your smartphone and an internet connection. Just click on https://asianonlinecasino.net/en-th/.

A long life

Ever wonder why the Orientals have a longer life expectancy? Read the statistics and you will be surprised by the life expectancy of Macau citizens. Do you want to know the secrets behind their long lives? Book a flight to Macau today.

While the government has supported the citizens with world-class healthcare and welfare programs, much of it can be attributed to the exercise, lifestyle, and Macau diet in the territory. You can get a few tips that you can take back home with you.


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